Action Writing: Using Op-Eds to Advance Public Understanding of Psychological Science

By Adam R. Pearson (Pomona College)

To (1) introduce students to a powerful and accessible venue for engaging and transforming public debate; (2) foster critical thinking about real-world applications of psychological research; (3) develop students' research and writing skills; (4) provide students with experience communicating research findings to non-academic audiences; and (5) empower students by recruiting them as fellow educators to help advance public understanding of psychological science.

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Taking Social Psychology to the Streets: Humans of Northeast Pennsylvania

By Kristel Gallagher (Keystone College)

To (1) make students aware of the everyday diversity that exists around them; (2) reduce stereotypes and prejudices toward unfamiliar or misunderstood groups by fostering a sense of connectedness and empathy with strangers; (3) help students develop interpersonal and social skills, including cultural competency, in an unstructured situation; and (4) allow students to use the contact hypothesis in the real world and learn to avoid making the fundamental attribution error and activating a self-fulfilling prophecy

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Bringing Organizational Psychology to Life Through Fundraising

By: Adam M. Grant (University of Pennsylvania)

Excerpt: To help students develop knowledge and skills in organizational psychology about (1) leadership, (2) collaboration, (3) networking, (4) negotiation, and (5) prosocial behavior through contributing to a meaningful cause in a cycle of application, feedback, and reflection.

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Building Cross-Cultural Understanding Through Facebook

By: Carie Forden and Amy Carrillo (Clarion University)

Excerpt: To give students the opportunity to: (1) experience meaningful cross-cultural interaction; (2) apply social psychological principles of prejudice and peacemaking to solving a real world problem; (3) strengthen their critical thinking skills; and (4) deepen their understanding and appreciation of diversity.

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From Wealth to Well-Being: Spending Money on Others Promotes Happiness

By: Lara B. Aknin (Simon Fraser University) and Elizabeth W. Dunn (University of British Columbia)

To help students (1) learn about cutting edge research on the emotional consequences of spending choices, (2) experience an in-class experiment and discuss experimental design features, and (3) consider how generosity can help the benefactor as well as the recipient.

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