Understanding Social Injustice by Walking in Another Person's Shoes

By Fred Bemak and Rita Chi-Ying Chung (George Mason University)

To help students (1) gain an understanding of the psychological and sociological factors related to social injustices; (2) acquire analytical and reflective thinking skills to assess and understand the context, history, and contemporary realities of social injustices; (3) understand the personal lives of those affected by social injustices; and (4) gain clinical and advocacy skills to challenge social injustices

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Bringing Organizational Psychology to Life Through Fundraising

By: Adam M. Grant (University of Pennsylvania)

Excerpt: To help students develop knowledge and skills in organizational psychology about (1) leadership, (2) collaboration, (3) networking, (4) negotiation, and (5) prosocial behavior through contributing to a meaningful cause in a cycle of application, feedback, and reflection.

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From Wealth to Well-Being: Spending Money on Others Promotes Happiness

By: Lara B. Aknin (Simon Fraser University) and Elizabeth W. Dunn (University of British Columbia)

To help students (1) learn about cutting edge research on the emotional consequences of spending choices, (2) experience an in-class experiment and discuss experimental design features, and (3) consider how generosity can help the benefactor as well as the recipient.

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