Action Writing: Using Op-Eds to Advance Public Understanding of Psychological Science

By Adam R. Pearson (Pomona College)

To (1) introduce students to a powerful and accessible venue for engaging and transforming public debate; (2) foster critical thinking about real-world applications of psychological research; (3) develop students' research and writing skills; (4) provide students with experience communicating research findings to non-academic audiences; and (5) empower students by recruiting them as fellow educators to help advance public understanding of psychological science.

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Understanding Social Injustice by Walking in Another Person's Shoes

By Fred Bemak and Rita Chi-Ying Chung (George Mason University)

To help students (1) gain an understanding of the psychological and sociological factors related to social injustices; (2) acquire analytical and reflective thinking skills to assess and understand the context, history, and contemporary realities of social injustices; (3) understand the personal lives of those affected by social injustices; and (4) gain clinical and advocacy skills to challenge social injustices

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Taking Social Psychology to the Streets: Humans of Northeast Pennsylvania

By Kristel Gallagher (Keystone College)

To (1) make students aware of the everyday diversity that exists around them; (2) reduce stereotypes and prejudices toward unfamiliar or misunderstood groups by fostering a sense of connectedness and empathy with strangers; (3) help students develop interpersonal and social skills, including cultural competency, in an unstructured situation; and (4) allow students to use the contact hypothesis in the real world and learn to avoid making the fundamental attribution error and activating a self-fulfilling prophecy

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